2nd DevOps Talk – review


On the 14th of July, we had the 2nd Latvia DevOps Community DevOps Talk event. And it was awesome.

Warm-up from Artūrs Kovaļenko with an interesting topic “Leave Jenkins alone: or a shortlist of things, that still make it the best automation software”. You can download the presentation here. We went over the planned time as there were many questions from the participants. Sure Jenkins is one of the most important tools in every DevOps life.

The second part of the meetup was a discussion. The first topic was: “What should we call ourselves? DevOps Engineers? Some will say DevOps is a methodology, not a role. Some will say not to call yourself an engineer unless you have an engineering degree.”
Was interesting, that professionals in the DevOps field are still getting this discussion – who we are? There is no such thing as a DevOps engineer? There were many interesting thoughts- that DevOps is a methodology, that DevOps is not just operations, but operations are done by developers. So if the developers are engineers, why DevOps professionals aren’t? Or if they don’t have an engineering degree, can they call themselves an engineer? What do you think?

The second topic was on:
“Vendor locks. Is it evil and how to avoid it? Or should at all?”
In short- vendor locks are ok, if you are small, or have no specific requirements, for not having them.

There was little time left so we started the third topic for a discussion:
“Pros and cons of DevOps Service, is it worth having one? Challenges on creating one and difference in scope compared to CoE”
Interesting subject especially as by Gartner 75% of all DevOps transformations will not meet the market needs. There is a huge demand for senior DevOps specialists and DevOps services to have a great market gap where to enter.

Do you have something bothering you for months and you would like to discuss it with a group of DevOps enthusiasts? Then come to the next DevOps Talk on 19.08.21.

At the minute Latvia DevOps community core team consists of representatives from Evolution Gaming, Visma Labs, Emergn, Eleving Consumer Finance, and Accenture Latvia. That’s cool, but we want to create a true community. Please join the core team by contacting [email protected].



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