11th DevOps Talk review

Hey! Summer is in full swing, but we still have a review of the last DevOps Talk- just before the traditional holidays, we had one of the best presentations from James Craig, who is a Partner solutions architect at AWS. After a few jokes about Latvian weather, James presented his presentation about putting the code in infrastructure as code using a cool AWS feature called Cloud Development Kit. To sum it up, forget about using Terraform, you can use CDK to construct your CloudFormation templates easily, with just a few lines of code and using your favorite programming language.

If you have missed it, you can still check it on our YouTube channel here: DevOps Talk #11: where AWS CDK will make you love CloudFormation again, and if you are still using generators like Troposphere to create your CloudFormation templates, I would highly encourage you to check out this presentation.

And as usual, after the presentation, we had the best part – an open-space-ish discussion on random topics that might (or might not) be related to DevOps. This time, Agita was the first to offer her topics: “Is DataOps relevant to Baltic Techies. What are the similarities between DevOps and DataOps“, and “How did CDK grow OSS community?“. Many more followed and offered their topics, like “what are your IaC experiences?” from our speaker, James; “K8s and AWS, node maintenance” from Tanya, “do we need a separate AWS community?” and “multi-flavored infra” from Uldis, “AWS EKS autoscaling our/in and code deployed using TF” and many more; When everyone has finished proposing their topics, each proposer gets a few minutes of time to give a more detailed explanation of his topic. Then the voting starts.

After the voting, the first topic to be discussed was the one that was proposed by Tanya. In the end, most of the participants suggested that it is a lot better to just stick with managed Kubernetes. With 10 minutes left, we also had a chance to quickly discuss if DataOps is relevant to Baltic Techies (some people are interested/relevant for some), and if we need a separate AWS community (a very definite “no”, so you will not need to join a new group, just to hear AWS talks). There were a few more interesting topics, that probably deserve to be discussed, but, since the time for our event was over, they might need to be picked up at some other time.

If you want to have a chance to continue discussions on these topics or have another topic that just screams to be dissected by fellow DevOps, join our next DevOps Talk. We are off for July, but we are hoping to be back in august with a very special event. Sign up at our meetup.com group to be one of the first ones to get notified.


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