21st : DevOps & Agile Talk Review

Hello, dear DevOps and Agile community!

image represents the speaker Rudolph alongwith Edgars and Uldis, event organisers

On the 19th of March, attendees at the 21st DevOps & Agile Talk were treated to an engaging exploration of Agile, DevOps, and serverless architecture. The stage was graced by Rūdolfs Emīls Brakšs from Giraffe360 and Aleksei Larkov from DevSkill, each offering their unique perspectives on these methodologies.

Rūdolfs Emīls Brakšs, with his trademark blend of humor and depth, captivated the audience with his journey through the realms of DevOps and Scrum Mastering. Sharing anecdotes and reflections from his own professional journey, Rūdolfs shed light on the challenges and triumphs encountered along the way. Attendees were drawn into his narrative, finding resonance in his tales of navigating stress and embracing change in pursuit of balance and efficiency.

As Rūdolfs delved into the nuances of Agile methodologies, he artfully juxtaposed them with the principles of DevOps, sparking lively discussions and prompting attendees to reflect on their own experiences. Visual aids served as guiding lights, illuminating the shared ethos of collaboration and continuous improvement that underpins both Agile and DevOps.

In sequence with Rūdolfs’ exploration, Aleksei Larkov took the stage to unveil the wonders of serverless architecture in AWS. With a wealth of expertise and a passion for innovation, Larkov led the audience on a journey through the intricacies of building real-world serverless applications. Leveraging tools such as AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and Terraform, Larkov demonstrated the power and versatility of serverless computing, offering insights into scalability, cost optimization, and ease of use.

As attendees marveled at the technical wizardry behind modern cloud architectures, they found themselves inspired by Aleksei’s passion and expertise. The synergy between Rūdolfs’ exploration of Agile and DevOps and Larkov’s unveiling of serverless architecture created a balanced and enriching experience, reminding attendees of the importance of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

After the presentations, we had the “You Talk” part where Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis facilitated a group of discussions for six individuals. Of the proposed topics, the one about the mental struggles in modern IT and how to stay sane when there are so many opportunities to learn and grow, was picked. It was a deep discussion where each group member shared their ways on how to stay on the path and avoid burnout.

As we reflect on the insights shared, let us embrace change, foster collaboration, and embark on a journey of continuous improvement together. Once again we want to say thank you to our great sponsors – Accenture and Arvato!

In case you have missed attending in person, please find our recorded session on the YouTube channel here and Pictures taken during the event can be found here

Let the conversations continue, and the innovations flourish. The future of DevOps awaits, and with it, endless possibilities.

See you at the next meetup soon!

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