21st DevOps & Agile Talk on the 19th of March

Greetings, DevOps-ers, and Agilists!
Together with sunny March weather, we welcome you to our 21st DevOps & Agile Talk on the 19th of March!

This time we have two terrific speakers:
Rūdolfs Emīls Brakšs (Giraffe360) will be addressing the friction between Agile and DevOps and breaking down the “why” behind the common shenanigans that occur along the way.
Aleksei Larkov (DevSkill) break down into building blocks and share his own experience on building a real-world serverless app in AWS.

Please make sure to register here: https://www.meetup.com/latvia-devops-and-agile-community/events/299618090/ and arrive early because we’ll be checking in people at the counter. No-shows will not be tolerated. There’s simply no other way how to forecast how much beer we should buy. (In case you won’t be able to join on-site, you are welcome to watch the live stream on our Youtube Channel)

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