9th DevOps Talk Review

This time our speaker was Jhonnatan Gil Chaves – system engineer and software developer, who loves

linux and making deployments easier for people with Infrastructure as a Code. Presentation mentioned Conways law which states that organizations will inevitably design systems that mirror their own communications structure. DevOps comes into play to tear down barriers that might arise in order to deliver software. Infrastructure that can be expressed as a code helps to make processes more transparent. Currently there are many tools that one can use to shift to infrastructure codification (CNCF landscape as an example).

Besides that infrastructure as a code helps to speed up processes and makes complicated things easier as one individual/operator doesn’t have to remember all small details about certain process – same workflow can be applied, e.g., on many servers without delving into details.

Next part was demo where Jhonnatan showed pulumi tool/sdk in python (but there are other languages as well that can be used with pulumi). In demo whole AWS setup was brought up from infrastructure definition described as python code – including subnets, IAM policies etc.

After presentation and demo part we had discussion part. Few topics were introduced, like Terraform vs.
Pulumi, Bicep or Terraform or Pulumi on Azure and topic that was voted the most – where to find a good mentor.
New joiners might struggle in new environments or when entering new field entirely. Suggestions were that in these cases it is beneficial to look around for communities where like minded people hang around, for example meetup.com has some of them with regular meetups. Also company can and should provide a mentor, you should probably just ask for it if not provided already.
About local communities good example is Riga Tech Girls who provide regular events for anyone interested. Also they hold various courses with mentors provided.


If this sounds interesting and fun for you – join us for the next DevOps Talk event!
We are looking for new speakers! Do you have a topic/case you would like to present and tell about?
You can contact us through the Techies of Baltics LinkedIn page or Slack channel to be our next presenter!


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