3rd DevOps Talk Review


Latvia DevOps Community had it’s 3rd DevOps talk event on the 19th of August. An exciting event.

As a warm-up, our talk started with a quite interesting topic by Panagiotis Dimas, “How low-code/no-code movement will affect DevOps”. Panagiotis introduced us the low-code/no-code movement by also pointing out the difference between low-code and no-code. After he told us about the example platforms, our QA session started. Of course, one of the questions in mind was how productive is it, that if it can cost some to lose their jobs in the future or if it will even bring up new job opportunities.

You can check out the presentation here.

After the QA session ended, the second part of our talk started by offering the participants to bring up a topic/question they are interested to talk and hear about from the other participants. One of the most upvoted questions, “Infrastructure as a low-code”, began a nice and interesting discussion as well as one other question came up, “Is configuring AWS is low code or no code”. Afterward “best no-code tools” was asked, a fun and intriguing answer came up. “Why do people always ask about the best tools but not about the worst tools”. Even though not many of the participants used no-code tools/applications actively before, some experience and thoughts were shared.

After quite a long period of living online because of the pandemic situation, unsurprisingly the most upvoted and absorbing question was about “making a DevOps conference” by Uldis, maybe even an on-site event or a hybrid one. It seemed as at least some are tired of having a life online and interested in an on-site event. We never know what the future brings but either online or on-site, we have our next event on 23th of September. Whether you have topics in your mind you’d like to share, discuss and hear opinions or you want to hear about interesting discussions from others, we have an open place for you. Come and join us !

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