17th DevOps & Agile Talk review

The 17th DevOps and Agile Evening Event took place last week on Tuesday, bringing together DevOps and Agile enthusiasts as well as individuals with a keen interest in these areas. The event was held in Wrokland premisses and was featured with an impressive lineup of speakers who delivered insightful presentations, making it a memorable and informative evening.

One of the highlights of the event was the talk by Matas Tvarijonas from Google. Matas focused on the crucial topic of software supply chain security. He shed light on recent high-profile software supply chain attacks, including the SolarWinds hack and the Log4j vulnerability, emphasizing how vulnerabilities in the software supply chain can be exploited to compromise the software itself. Matas delved into how organizations can leverage Google Cloud to enhance the security of their software supply chains, providing valuable knowledge and practical solutions for the attendees.

Another noteworthy speaker was Andris Aispurs from Tet, who captivated the audience with his presentation on improving development processes. Drawing an intriguing analogy, Andris connected the skills of French waiters to the implementation of tools, methods, frameworks, and approaches for more effective and secure development processes.

The event also featured an engaging Lightning Talk by Darja Odorovska, who covered the topic of daily standups. This concise presentation provided practical tips and techniques to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of daily standup meetings, offering attendees actionable takeaways for their own development processes.

Adding a touch of entertainment to the evening, the organizers arranged a fun-filled DevOps karaoke session.

As the event drew to a close interactive discussion segment provided a platform for enthusiasts and professionals to engage in conversations about the most discussable topics of the evening. This networking opportunity allowed attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and exchange valuable insights.

We had a journalist to get to know our community better. Here is who they are and how did they like the event.

What’s your name and what do you do?

My name is Olga, I’m a Scrum master in Swisscom.

Why did you come to the event?

First of all I came to meet nice people with whom I have many things in common, secondly to learn something new.

What did you like the most?

This time I really enjoyed all the presentations, some topics were completely new for me – learned a lot of new things.


What’s your name and what do you do?

My name is Alex and I am a DevOps engineer

What brought you to the event?

Uldis Karlovs Karlovskis. He texted me on LinkedIn if I am going and I decided that I will.

Is this you first event?


Did you like it?

Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. It is actually great to know that there are other DevOps people in Latvia, not on the other side the screen but alive, you know.

Any key takeaways from the event?

Do not be afraid to be the first follower.

Thank you and hopefully see you next time!

Surely do!


What’s your name and what do you do?

Hello, my name is Raimonds, I work at Accenture Baltics as a DevOps engineer.

What brought you to the event?

An invite from Uldis brough me here, it was kind of a surprise. I came here to learn something new that could help me with my career growth and to learn new stuff about what I am currently working on and some stuff I came up using already at work.

Cool, so you enjoyed the presentation. Are there any key takeaways?

Yes, there are. Well, the Salsa, its a very good concept that can be used, even you can broaden the experience by adding another open source project called SonarQube. It can do proper code analyses, can tell you what is wrong with a code, what is right, the duplicates… I personally use it myself on my own private Java project which has helped me a lot on optimizing my own code.

Key notes talking about code security, about dependencies. There have been multiple dependency issues with Log4js, it was very interesting to learn about them which brought in attention that a security is a very important topic in software development. As talking about Google solutions, they are useful when for example doing high end products, so you need a proper code scanning and Google does provide a fantastic tools like Google repositories since it gives only verified dependencies that are not vulnerable, because as developers we need to keep in mind where from we are taking the dependencies and that some may be malicious.

Overall, are you enjoying the event?

Yes, this is my first time in my IT career to attend this kind of event and it is very interesting. Familiar faces and I am happy to meet new people.

Thank you, see you next time then!

Yes, thank you!


In general, the 17th DevOps and Agile Talks proved to be a resounding success. Attendees were treated to an exceptional lineup of speakers, covering topics ranging from software supply chain security to development process improvements. The Lightning Talk, DevOps karaoke, and the closing discussion section added a layer of excitement and engagement to the event, making it both informative and enjoyable. Thanks to our sponsorsArvato Systems LatviaGoogle and Workland! Recording of the event can be found in YouTube.

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