16th DevOps Talk meets Agile review

The 16th DevOps Talk meets Agile event kindly hosted in Workland premises was a memorable success, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities for the growing community. This was the first time that Agile had been introduced to the event, and it was great to see such a positive response. We will continue to grow together in the future, so watch this space!

Janis, a DevOps / Platform engineer with over a decade of experience, gave a fascinating talk about Automating Compliance in Terraform via Open Policy Agent. This topic is particularly relevant and Janis provided valuable insights into how organizations can use automation to ensure compliance.

Following to Janis’ talk, attendees were treated to a lightning talk by Uldis and a fun DevOps karaoke session. These events provided a welcome break from the more technical talks and helped keep attendees engaged throughout the evening.

Rita, a highly motivated and dynamic professional, gave an inspiring talk about Agile titled “Who said Agile is going to save the world”. Her talk highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and how Agile methodologies can be used to achieve this.

The event concluded with an opportunity for attendees to network and discuss interesting topics with like-minded people. This provided a valuable opportunity to share ideas and make new connections.

Overall, the 16th DevOps Talk meets Agile event was a fantastic success, providing attendees with valuable insights and networking opportunities. Thanks to our sponsors– Arvato Systems LatviaAccenture Baltics and Workland! Recording of the event can be found in YouTube.

We are thrilled to announce that the next event will take place in 6th of June, 2023. We can’t wait to bring together more industry experts and like-minded individuals to share insights, engage in discussions, and grow together. Reserve the date and follow us on meetup.com


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