4th DevOps Talk Review

We had the 4th Latvia DevOps Community DevOps Talk event, on the 23rd of September.

As a warm-up, our talk started with an interesting topic by Andrey Adamovich, “Story of package managers”. Andrey made an introduction by mentioning the big issue of package managers, “Dependency/package managers are often 2nd class citizens” and standard problems of them.

He continued his presentation with an informative explanation about the history of the package managers for many different ecosystems by also giving us some catchy tricks.

You can check out the presentation here.

After a brief QA session, participants were asked to bring up a topic that they would be willing to talk about or hear about experiences/ideas from the others. As the first topic was from Andrey, “Docker Security”, he and other active participants shared their experiences and knowledge on Docker security.
The second topic was from Liene, which probably will always be a popular topic for every DevOps/developer person, “The best text/code editor for DevOps”. As the experiences were shared for different ones, the most common answers were Intellij, VSCode, PHPStorm, Sublime, and Vim.

Another topic of discussion was about how to find the time or how to be motivated to learn and work on something new. Some interesting and exciting thoughts were shared on internal/external motivators to keep the learning up. Andrey touched on a manifesto called 100DaysofCode, committing yourself publicly to code at least one hour each day for 100 days. But of course, also one of the responses from the participants was that committing publicly is a big step to take. Yet still, such a manifesto could be an effective challenge to keep up the motivation and learning.
Either you want to participate actively to share your experiences and adventures or you just want to hear some interesting discussions from others, we are having our next event on the 26th of October and we have an open place for you.
Come and join us!


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