1st DevOps Talk – review


On the 16th of June Latvia DevOps Community had the first DevOps Talk event. The new format for meeting DevOps professionals was introduced.

Our talk started with a warm-up from Juris Vitolins about the custom implementation of Canary deployment in AWS Fargate. Juris brought everyone in the mood of technologies with the hypnotizing voice to begin exchanging knowledge. After the Q&A session with Juris, participants were offered to bring out a topic of their concern and interest.

Five topics came to the table and we started to vote on them to choose the most popular for a discussion. Liene Jansone had shared her pain on manual upgrades of Helm, Juris had an issue with isolated micro-service testing with dependencies, one of the participants wanted to talk about managing on-prem configuration as a code (but for ram usage and that kind of stuff), Jelena wanted to know if someone had sales experience in the DevOps field and one participant wanted to know where to get a beer without a queue. The leaders were Liene and Juris. So the discussion started on Lienes’ topic and after Juris’ issue. It was fascinating to hear how multiple participants are dealing with similar problems. The raised problems were understandable and with a collective mind, we managed to find some possible solutions. For the experts, this was a great chance to shine and show their expertise while helping fellow colleagues in the field.

Now we have a live event where everyone can discuss their challenges and hopefully get some inspiration on how to move forward – be it work or non-work related. An open place where to learn from each other and get some fresh ideas. If your issue is not on Stack Overflow – come to us!

The next DevOps Talk event will happen on 14.07.21.


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