15th DevOps Talk: To learn Crossplane and overcome resistance to change


Greetings, Techie! The time has almost come! Our first event of the new year, 15th DevOps Talk to learn Crossplane and overcome resistance to change, will take place on 21st of February at 19:00 in Workland offices, right in the center of Riga (Audēju iela 15)!

(In case you won’t be able to join on-site, you are welcomed to watch the live stream on our Youtube Channel: URL)

Ebrahim Ramadan will be our first speaker who will give us a talk and a demonstration on “GitOpsifying Cloud Infrastructure with Crossplane”.
Ebrahim is a Cloud Architect with 13 years of experience in the software industry, specializing in AWS and Kubernetes, with CKA, CKAD, KCNA, and SAA certifications. Strong in leading and managing cross-functional teams, and implementing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines. Seeking new opportunities to improve skills and knowledge. Enjoys watching movies and reading books in his free time.

“GitOpsifying Cloud Infrastructure with Crossplane and ArgoCD” is a technical talk that covers how to use Git, Crossplane, and ArgoCD for Cloud infrastructure management. It will explain how it improves collaboration, version control, auditing, and scaling while reducing human errors. The speaker will demonstrate how to use this approach for managing multi-cloud deployments with a unified interface. Aimed at IT professionals, DevOps engineers, and anyone interested in Cloud infrastructure management.

Raina Dureja will be our next guest with the topic of “Change. Psychology of resistance”.
Raina, a business coach and organizational trainer, is passionate about making the business world a better place to live. With more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, as well as several business management trainings and certifications, she helps entrepreneurs and managers achieve their goals. Raina’s expertise and knowledge spans strategic planning, leadership consulting and facilitation. She also specializes in mindset change and self-actualisation, helping her clients to expand their possibilities and the variability of their decisions. She believes that everyone is capable of reaching their full potential and she is committed to helping you unlock that potential too.

The world changes every day: customer trends, technology, economics, geopolitics. The main problem with change is resistance. We all encounter resistance to change in our lives. Whether it is a job change, a lifestyle change or a personal change, resistance can be a major obstacle. We will talk about why we resist change. Understanding the psychology of resistance can help us better understand our own behaviour, the behaviour of our superiors, subordinates, team members and partners. We will look at how we can develop strategies and create an action plan to move forward and achieve our goals.

This is a perfect opportunity not only to gain some insights on the Crossplane for the ones who never had a chance but also to understand how the resistance to change affects us and how we can turn it into an advantage. Once the presentation part is over, another fun part begins; the actual DevOps Talk! Do you have some doubts about implementing some specific technology and do you want to hear experiences from others? Or maybe is there a brain twister you have been searching for an answer to? We have an open discussion where you can come up with your topics, whether tech-related or not. Cannot think of any topics? Don’t worry! You can still join the discussion or stay just as a listener.

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