10th DevOps Talk Review

Greetings to you dear reader! The spring is finally here! While the sun is shining and flowers are blooming it’s time for the 10th DevOps Talk! We are Latvia DevOps community made by 5 different companies. We are part of Techies of Baltics movement! We organize DevOps Talk events monthly. We love DevOps and we talk about everything. Because DevOps is about everything!

Our host, Edgars, is starting the 10th DevOps Talk. Today Amit Bendor will be our special guest. Before the starts his presentation, Amit tells us a bit about his beautiful country, Israel. The weather is much warmer there – doesn’t it sound charming? Amit will be telling us today about MLOps, yet he also promises that it won’t be another MLOps best practices talk.

You can watch Amit’s presentation:


MLOps is sort of a combination of DevOps, the engineering side of machine learning and data science. Amit points out that it won’t be a best practices talk but he will be sharing with us the story of his journey in Artlist.
You see the success stories, you see the failures. Then you start thinking “what will be the best way to build it” and you feel that motivation inside. That is how Amit’s story has started and now they are 7 in their AI department. His AI department focuses on 3 pillars. Building “Personalization&Search” and “Content” features such as creating or analyzing content. And the third is “User Predictions”, for example for user behaviours.

While sitting back alone with no employees, Amit was thinking about the ultimate goal. The business impact. Although it brings two conflicts – independence and focusing on data science. Because the goal is to have dependent on other departments as little as possible. Even for DevOps, get the tools from them but not get the help all the time.
Then how to turn these values into the infrastructure? There are 4 key values: Enabling creativity, simplicity, transparency and robustness.

Amit finishes his presentation by giving us a brief explanation of their tools and some examples of how they work. Thank you, Amit, for such an interesting and fun talk!

As there was no question came from the audience, a talk about a nice topic just started between the participants. In our day now, kids have access to computers from early ages. And maybe this is not a bad thing at all. There are already roadmaps to teach kids about programming. And imagine what these kids will be able to do after 10 years. Isn’t it a fantastic opportunity for them, actually? Feel free to join the discussion and share your thoughts with us.

We are looking for new speakers! Do you have a topic/case you would like to present and tell about? You can contact us through the Techies of Baltics LinkedIn page or Slack channel to be our next presenter!


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