DevOps Talk

Hello DevOps friends! How have you been? Totally missing talking to you…

So a group of DevOps enthusiasts (the new Latvia DevOps Community by 5 different companies) came together and decided to organize a DevOps Talk event where we finally can catch up, exchange some ideas and just have some fun!

We’ll start with an interesting kick-off topic by @Juris.Vitolins about the custom implementation of Canary deployment in AWS Fargate. Then we’ll continue with slightly moderated talks between ourselves and you about anything that matters – DevOps, AWS, work-life balance, GoT, etc.

Does that sound interesting? Are you missing socialization with like-minded people as much as we are?

If yes, then join us on 16.06 at 18:30 on Zoom…

And don’t forget to share this with other people at work!


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