Launch of Microsoft Baltic Developer Community

Emergn Latvia has teamed up with Microsoft to launch the Microsoft Baltic Developers Community.


Have you embraced cloud development? Come along to Microsoft Azure training sessions and join the most agile hothouse! We are bringing you 4 Microsoft Azure technical training events and a month and a half extended team hothouse. You will be provided with technical and product management mentors so that your team can develop the best value-added service in the shortest time. Let’s make the most out of the Holidays*!

You will also learn to build products in a distributed team! Plus up your product management game today!

The first event, Getting Started with Azure is scheduled in just a couple of weeks- on 5th of December at University of Latvia, where Kārlis Laiviņš from Visma will give a brief introduction in all the possibilities of Azure (if time permits). If you have been previously working with other clouds, but still have not had a chance to use Azure, then this is an excellent chance to find out more about it and get to have a real hands-on experience working with Azure. Registration for even is available here:

List of all events is available also here:

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