DevOps dedicated event to Platform Engineering

This will be an ad-hoc low-budget high-value event dedicated to the Platform Engineering.

You are welcome to be the event sponsor!

  • Our key speaker of the event is Henrik René Høegh and his team. He’s a KubeCon keynote speaker and Digital Product Owner at VELUX.

After more than 14 years of doing consultancy work, Henrik moved on to work first as a platform engineer at and now a product owner at VELUX. He was among the first in Denmark to use and teach Cloud Native technologies in Denmark and among the first to get a Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification. Henrik is also the first and only Dane to do a keynote at KubeCon about the complexity of cluster failovers when doing GitOps.

Today Henrik works as a product owner at VELUX where he sets the architecture and direction of the internal Cloud Native platform.

H‌enrik will present “From toolbox to platform product your developers love”. He will do most of the talking but Linda will present Bura, and Karlis will present MakeIT implementations.

Building a platform is not a “let’s install a lot of awesome tools” exercise. Presenting developers with these toolboxes only increase the mental load. We need to take DevOps to the next level by creating tools our developers love to use and hide all the tools they don’t care about. But how do you hide Kubernetes, GitHub actions etc., and how do your developers release software? In this talk Henrik and his team at VELUX will share the journey VELUX has been on while solving these exact problems. By the end of the talk, you will know how to make an interface in front of your toolbox your developers love and wants to use.

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