Registration to the best conference ever IS OPEN! 🦄

Save the date – the afternoon to evening on the 25th of November you will enjoy great content and relax. Sign up now!



We hope that you are well under the circumstances given all around the world! This sure is a hectic time for everybody in their lives, but we hope that we can brighten your day at least a little bit by saying that the registration for DevOps Unicorns is open and that it won’t cost you a dime to attend the conference this year! If you’re planning to join the conference from a different time zone, here is a useful guide on when the conference is going to start in different locations. By the way, Call for Papers closed just this week, so please don’t be surprised when you don’t see a schedule in Hopin – our virtual venue!
P.S. DevOps Unicorns is completely free of charge this year, but your support by purchasing a supporter ticket would be greatly appreciated!

Registration for DevOps Unicorns 2020 

This year at DevOps Unicorns, we are going to use Hopin as our virtual venue. In order to make your conference experience as smooth as possible, here’s a short tutorial on how to use Hopin!

In Reception, you can see the schedule and click on the exact session that is live at that moment.

Stage is where the main event is going to take place – don’t confuse it with the reception!

Sessions Room is similar to what has been previously known as Open Spaces – there you can have discussions in small groups with other attendees. You can participate in the chat and share your screen, if necessary.

Networking Room is a place where one-on-one meetings take place, but it’s designed more on like a “blind dating” basis – Hopin matches you up with another interested attendee, and then you can choose to talk with them, exchange contact information, or move on to another attendee.

Expo is a virtual vendor booth hall. Here you can virtually visit the booths and also talk to the vendors on camera

If you’d like to watch a more detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to use Hopin, here is a good, longer explanatory video!

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