Microservices track is ready

Microservices has already made a lot of noise in the world of Software Engineering. Nevertheless, Microservices architecture is still a dramatically flexible tool with a great number of pros and cons. So, we designed Microservices Track. It will give information on all the advantages and disadvantages of microservices, depicts the right and wrong reasons for migration to it, and helps you to be on top of all the latest engineering trends.1_gS48ppPOpNjzZKbhkoCCzg

Check out full article here : https://bit.ly/2ZcfWTz

Check out the whole program here.


By the way, the regular ticket (299 euro for 2 full conference days) expires on 26.04. So it’s a good opportunity to catch it now! Hurry up to click the link.1_m1iySiv-lAhO6eSEufGI9A

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